Jesper Broni Andersen

CTO | Stibo DX | Jul 2023

I had the pleasure of working with Christian at Stibo DX for 5 years, and I recommend him for any team seeking a dedicated and technically proficient member.

From the moment Christian joined our team, his commitment and passion for creating outstanding software became evident. He is a detail-oriented individual with an exceptional knack for identifying root causes of issues. Christian is a firm believer in the power of problem-solving, consistently focusing on creating long-term solutions rather than settling for temporary fixes. This ability to delve deep into problems and find effective solutions made him a crucial asset to our team.

Christian possesses a strong willingness to engage in meaningful discussions, constantly aiming to ensure the delivery of the best possible product. His rich insights and commitment to collaboration contributed significantly to our software development process and led to high-quality outcomes.

His dedication to refining our workflow was instrumental in shaping our approach to pull requests, which are now well-described, concise, and streamlined. The influence of his expertise also extended to formulating our Git workflow, which greatly increased our team’s efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, Christian was a champion of test-driven development within our team. His advocacy for this method has significantly improved our development practices, driving our ability to produce reliable, high-performing software.

In conclusion, Christian has technical prowess, tenacity, detail orientation, and a deep-rooted desire to create robust and effective solutions. I’m confident that he would be a valuable addition to any team seeking a software engineer committed to delivering the highest quality of work.

Michael Lajlev

Product Designer | Cactus Communications | Aug 2023

It has been a pleasure working with Christian, who is one of the most talented front-end developers I know. His eye for UX is remarkable and he is a great collaborator who ensures that the product team works together in harmony. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Christian again in the future.