Christian Grøngaard Front-End Developer


Hi, I'm Christian! A passionate Front-End Developer, highly interested in the craft of programming and the challenges that arise when programming becomes collaborative.

I've developed for the Web long enough to remember when Tableless Web Design was the Next Big Thing, as well as the rise and fall of XHTML.

I'm an excellent communicator through code and in writing, I have a good eye for design and UX, and an in-depth understanding of web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and TypeScript.

Christian eating a carrot at Lild Strand

In my spare time I enjoy singing and playing the guitar, hiking and skiing as well as spending time with my wonderful family.

On the Job

I'm a skilled Product Developer with more than 8 years experience with:

  • Delivering robust and well-tested solutions
  • Estimating, breaking down and prioritising feature requirements
  • Maintaining large codebases and API surfaces
  • Architecting programs and directing technical decisions
  • Bringing the solution home as a team effort

My technical skillset includes:

  • Writing composable, testable and reusable front end code
  • Designing APIs and data structures
  • Writing test scenarios and test implementations of all kinds
  • Tracking down and mitigating performance issues
  • Formulating technical decisions in long-form writing

I'm often at the forefront of front end development, and have previously pioneered and led the use of technologies and techniques like:

  • CSS preprocessors
  • Responsive web design
  • Statecharts and state machines
  • Advanced TypeScript and functional programming
  • EcmaScript modules and module bundling

But don't worry! Even though I'm a developer, I don't lack the human touch. I also have experience with people-facing roles such as:

  • On-boarding new team members
  • Co-hosting customer workshops
  • Producing learning materials
  • Visiting customers on premise
  • Writing release notes

All in all I'm a person with a life-long passion for the Web, a strong technical foundation and an endless curiosity and willingness to get better at what I do. A developer with people skills who brings more to the table than just code.

Professional Experience

After a couple of years of doing agency work in Denmark, I moved to Oslo, Norway, in 2016 to join Stibo DX (then Escenic) where I've helped build the flagship product CUE from the ground up and into a CMS used by large media groups all over the world. In 2021 I moved back to my hometown Aarhus with my family. Shortly thereafter I joined Cactus Communications. Here I work on the Paperpal team where we help academic authors write better manuscripts faster.

  1. Senior Frontend Engineer (and Team Lead)

    Cactus Communications


    At Cactus Communications I work on the Paperpal team where I help build the next generation tools for authors to write better manuscripts faster. Besides doing front-end development, I also function as a Team Lead, trying to ensure great communication within the team.

  2. Front-End Developer

    Stibo DX AS (previously known as Escenic AS)


    At Stibo DX I worked in the R&D department where I helped build CUE: a flexible and extendable CMS for newsrooms. Here, I co-architected a completely new content creation workflow based on an advanced, custom block editor.

  3. Web Developer

    Create Inside ApS


    At Create Inside I functioned as a Drupal developer, front-end developer and graphic designer.

  4. Freelancer

    Webdesign v/ Christian Grøngaard

    Odense and Aarhus


Originally setting out to study Computer Science, I eventually decided to shift my focus to designing and developing actual apps and interfaces, studying a Bachelor of Web Development.

  1. Bachelor of Web Development

    Business Academy Aarhus


    The BA of Web Development was heavily focused on security, back-end development in C# and front-end development in JavaScript.

  2. AP Graduate in Multimedia Design and Communication

    University College Lillebælt


    At UCL I had a blast designing and creating websites as well as programming apps and games in Flash/ActionScript.

  3. Graphic Design

    Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole


    For half a year I attended a course in digital and tactile graphic design.

  4. Computer Science

    Aarhus University


    I attended Computer Science for two semesters where I got hooked on object-oriented programming in Java.

Non-Profit Work

  1. Pop Revo Festival

    I created the website, poster, social media graphics and more for the 2015 edition of the legendary and trendsetting Pop Revo music festival.

  2. Flux Festival

    I provided the underground Flux Festival with unique websites matching their visual style.

  3. Lyd I Provinsen

    I did the website and visual identity for the radio station Lyd I Provinsen.

  4. Medieudvalget, Det Danske Spejderkorps

    I provided Det Danske Spejderkorps with HTML, CSS and various graphics.