Christian Grøngaard Lead Frontend Developer


Hi, I'm Christian! A seasoned Product Developer, capable of directing teams and technical decisions.

With over 8 years of experience, I specialise in delivering robust and well-tested solutions, and steering products from PoC to production through collaborative efforts.

I'm an excellent communicator through code and in writing, I have a good eye for design and UX, and an in-depth understanding of Web technologies including HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and TypeScript.

Christian eating a carrot at Lild Strand

In my spare time I enjoy singing and playing the guitar, hiking and skiing as well as spending time with my wonderful family.

On the Job

I'm a skilled Product Developer with more than 8 years experience with:

  • Delivering robust and well-tested solutions
  • Estimating, breaking down and prioritising feature requirements
  • Maintaining large codebases and API surfaces
  • Architecting programs and directing technical decisions
  • Bringing the solution home as a team effort

My technical skillset includes:

  • Writing composable, testable and reusable front end code
  • Designing APIs and data structures
  • Writing test scenarios and test implementations of all kinds
  • Tracking down and mitigating performance issues
  • Formulating technical decisions in long-form writing

I'm often at the forefront of front end development, and have previously pioneered and led the use of technologies and techniques like:

  • CSS preprocessors
  • Responsive web design
  • Statecharts and state machines
  • Advanced TypeScript and functional programming
  • EcmaScript modules and module bundling

But don't worry! Even though I'm a developer, I don't lack the human touch. I also have experience with people-facing roles such as:

  • On-boarding new team members
  • Co-hosting customer workshops
  • Producing learning materials
  • Visiting customers on premise
  • Writing release notes

All in all I'm a person with a life-long passion for the Web, a strong technical foundation and an endless curiosity and willingness to get better at what I do. A developer with people skills who brings more to the table than just code.

Professional Experience

After a couple of years of doing agency work in Denmark, I moved to Oslo, Norway, in 2016 to join Stibo DX (then Escenic) where I've helped build the flagship product CUE from the ground up and into a CMS used by large media groups all over the world. In 2021 I moved back to my hometown Aarhus with my family. Shortly thereafter I joined Cactus Communications. Here I worked on the Paperpal team where we helped academic authors write better manuscripts faster.

Today, I'm the Lead Frontend Developer at Frigg Tech – the one-stop shop for your business data research.

  1. Lead Frontend Developer

    Frigg Tech



  2. Team Lead

    Cactus Communications



    At Cactus Communications I workworked on the Paperpal team where I helphelped build the next generation tools for authors to write better manuscripts faster. My responsibilities includeincluded:

    • Engineering lead on a cross-functional product team
    • Facilitator of fast-paced and appropriately scoped releases
    • Responsible for conducting biweekly stakeholder demos
    • Overall frontend lead across product teams
    • Creator and maintainer of our multi-team and multi-app monorepo, including the release and deployment pipeline
  3. Senior Frontend Engineer

    Cactus Communications



  4. Front-End Developer

    Stibo DX AS (previously known as Escenic AS)



    At Stibo DX I workworked in the R&D department where I helphelped build CUE: a flexible and extendable CMS for newsrooms. Here, I'm co-architectingI co-architected a completely new content creation workflow based on an advanced, custom block editor.

  5. Web Developer

    Create Inside ApS



    At Create Inside I functionfunctioned as a Drupal developer, front-end developer and graphic designer.


Originally setting out to study Computer Science, I eventually decided to shift my focus to designing and developing actual apps and interfaces, studying a Bachelor of Web Development.

  1. Bachelor of Web Development

    Business Academy Aarhus


    The BA of Web Development was heavily focused on security, back-end development in C# and front-end development in JavaScript.

  2. AP Graduate in Multimedia Design and Communication

    University College Lillebælt


    At UCL I had a blast designing and creating websites as well as programming apps and games in Flash/ActionScript.

  3. Graphic Design

    Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole


    For half a year I attended a course in digital and tactile graphic design.

  4. Computer Science

    Aarhus University


    I attended Computer Science for two semesters where I got hooked on object-oriented programming in Java.

Non-Profit Work

  1. Pop Revo Festival

    I created the website, poster, social media graphics and more for the 2015 edition of the legendary and trendsetting Pop Revo music festival.

  2. Flux Festival

    I provided the underground Flux Festival with unique websites matching their visual style.

  3. Lyd I Provinsen

    I did the website and visual identity for the radio station Lyd I Provinsen.

  4. Medieudvalget, Det Danske Spejderkorps

    I provided Det Danske Spejderkorps with HTML, CSS and various graphics.